PICV Valves and Accessories

Sentor Electrical enters the construction sector with a newly formed mechanical supplies division.  Sentor Electrical is proud to have secured a franchise from the world’s largest supplier of PICV valves, Crane Fluid Systems. Crane Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) offer accurate control of flow for optimised environmental comfort in variable volume heating and chilled water systems. Developed in the UK, tested to BSRIA PICV standards and utilising high quality materials, these valves can provide equal percentage performance which delivers optimum control valve authority.  Crane go further to give you the flexibility, offering various actuator options and measuring points, along with a wide differential pressure and flow rate range available.

Our highly trained team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the market are available to work with you on any project regardless of the size.  Our expertise ensures that you are receiving the very best product at the most cost-effective price. Our support extends from initial appraisal and design, site support prior to and during installation to guidance on the on-going maintenance of the installation. This exceptional technical support is backed by unrivalled stock availability of Crane PICV across all our locations.

All of these factors combine to ensure our product will help you to design, deliver and maintain a system which closes the performance gap and enables energy and cost reduction over its lifetime.

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Our genius is valves & pipe fittings.

Crane Fluid Systems offers a full range of General Valves including, ball, gate, globe, radiator and Press-Fit valves.


Step 1

Share the BOQ and the technical specification to include pressure ratings

Step 2

Collaborate with the preferred manufacturer to ensure the design compliance and acceptability.

Step 3

Receive a proposal with the product specification and technical data sheets along with samples.

Step 4

Supply the product as per the design specification and project timelines.

Step 5

Deliver Operational Maintenance Manual and Product Warranty Certificate