Earthing and Lightning Protection

Sentor Electrical is the regions largest supplier and designer of Furse Earthing & Lightning solutions, with extensive stock held for next day delivery.

Furse Earthing and Lightning protection products include:

• Earthing conductors
• Earth bonds & clamps
• Exothermic welding
• Earth seals & inspection pits
• Earth rods & points
• Flexible braid bonds
• Earth bars
• Electronic systems protection

All Furse products are designed and manufactured in line with IEC 62561 and BS 7430, to ensure they provide long lasting, reliable Earthing and Lightning Protection Solutions for the extreme conditions experienced across the region.

Electrical & Cable Supply Partners


Simplex is a specialised and independent electrical component manufacturer of cable glands, lugs and fittings & accessories. They are an ISO certified company conforming to the highest of international standards. They pride themselves on their skilled workmanship, exquisite technique, good quality guarantee and excellent service.

Simplex is a registered trademark owned by Simplex Cables (UK) Ltd. (SCL) is registered in The Trade Mark Registry in Great Britain and registered trademarks of Caparo, the UK arm of the Caparo Group.

Craig & Derricott

Craig & Derricott

Established in 1944, Craig & Derricott is a British Manufacturer of control gear products that include Fire Rated Isolators and the I-Switch range of industrial products.